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Corbel today is a force to reckon with, globally.  

Corbel has a strong global presence that spans from Hong Kong, India, Canada to USA.
With a firm belief in professional services, Corbel is geared to fulfill all the IT needs of its clients.

By putting the client's needs first, we form lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial with one common goal - increasing productivity. Our incisive, process-driven methodologies accelerate time-to-market, helping our clients gain a vital and competitive edge.
Information Technology is revolutionizing the way we live and the way we work in current times. Unleashing this power of IT and making life easy is Corbel.

Corbel is a closely held, self-funded, Software Technology & Services company in Mumbai. Corbel assists its clients with technical solutions that enable them to become more productive and increase their bottom line.

Corbel provides the industry expertise and technical excellence to ensure success for it's client's strategic business applications and projects. Our solutions enable clients to leverage the most advanced Web based technologies and maintain a competitive edge over their rivals. Our approach of technical implementation is based on Client/Server experience with medium size enterprises and small companies.






     unleashing IT for you


For the first time, we have full control over the complete business all from terminals. Our purchasing system is now fully computerized; the paperwork in the bookkeeping department is absolutely zero now.
              -------- Kevin Edward

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