Corbel Tech
Corbel develops software in the following operating systems/platforms
The IQ .NET centre of excellence produces quality enterprise solutions.
Visual Studio.NET the leading tool. We have VB.NET, C#t, XML, SQL/Server and C++ teams.
Visual Basic the excellent tool. We have VB 6.0 teams.
IQ have teams able to handle your Java EE project or to supply staff to augment your existing team.
Delphi, the Borland silver bullet for windows and database development.
Microsoft SQL/Server is our preferred RDBMS for Microsoft Platforms.
MySQL is our preferred open source RDBMS for Linux platform. Version 5 is amazing providing stored proc, triggers etc for the enterprise.
For a simple cost effective solution for our Linux based customers we typically implement LAMP.

"unleashing IT for you" It's more than just our slogan. Our entire business is geared toward helping our clients to successfully complete and implement their critical IT initiatives in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our job is to provide you with the "technical horse power and expertise" so you can continue to be more successful and continue to be the leader in your industry.
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